sábado, 25 de junho de 2011

Let the jukebox keep on playing ! pt1

The Meteors "Let's Go"
Paul Fenech "Keep On Burning"
King Kurt "Billy"
Batmobile "Mission Impossible"
Demented Are Go "Satans Rejects"
Ratmen "Voodoo"
Mad Sin "Straight To Hell"
Frantic Flintstones "Bone Rest"
Guana Batz "Streetwise"
Sgt.Fury "Psycho Vision"
Torment "Mistery Men"
The Waltons "Teenage Trash"
The Quakes "Stranded In The Streets"
Long Tall Texans "Gotta Go"
Gazmen "Kid From Mars"
Restless "Prisioner Of Love"
P.O.X "Be Bop A Lula Devilsversion"
The Go-Katz "Nightmare"
Es-Feiv "Move Your Buds"
Hellbillys "No Sympathy"
Captain Coma "You're Untrue"
Coffin Nails "Plasma Pool"
Krewmen "Devil's Dauther"
Boppin Kids "Castle Of Death"
Ricochets "Buried Alive"
The Sharks "Short Shark Shock"
Sunny Domestozs "The Cat"
The Pharaohs "Psycho Numskull"
Sting Rays "Weeding Ring"
Griswalds "Psycho Tendencies"
Termites "Home Sweet Home"
The Midniters "Easy Money" ...

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