terça-feira, 11 de novembro de 2014


Long awaited solo album from Pip Hancox of the Guana Batz !

What does the word HANCOX mean to you? If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last 20 years, you would know HANCOX is synonymous with the romping good time brought to you by Pip Hancox and his band of merry lads from the legendary psychobilly originals, the Guana Batz. What you probably don’t know is that Pip has been cooking up an atomic bomb of a new band out in the California desert and is now ready to unleash it on an unsuspecting peaceful world...

What has been kept a closely guarded secret until now, is ready: HANCOX.

HANCOX is the solo project created by Guana Batz front man, Pip Hancox, during the summer of 2010. While still enjoying great success fronting his renowned psychobilly band all over the globe, Pip, an English native, along with members of his US Guana Batz line up, decided that an outlet for a slightly different style was in order.

Fueled by the same energy, excitement and passion for live performance, the boys started toying in directions they felt were being neglected in the scene they had come to love and respect. Now this new line-up has produced music unrestrained by the mold formed many years before.

The band, consisting of Pip Hancox on vocals, longtime Guana Batz drummer/bass player Jonny Bowler on stand up bass, highly accomplished So Cal guitarist Gino Meregillano, and veteran drummer Jared Hren, is now in gear to take their psychobilly family along for the ride.

HANCOX represents varied influences and backgrounds combined into one band. With two members hailing from the London nightlife and the other two having cut their teeth in the So Cal music scene, a very unique and powerful sound and feel has been created and captured with their first release debuting in the summer of 2012 on I Sold My Soul Media.