domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2017

Top 10 Fave Records: Bjørn Bue Houmand (Johnny Nightmare/Rotter!)

Top 10 favourite records with danish musician Bjorn Bue Houman from psychobilly band Johnny Nightmare and hardcore punk band Rotter !!!

Top 10 psychobilly albums:
So here is my psycho list. As you'll see I'm a bit of a punkabilly

1- Dememted Are Go: Hellucifernation
I love everything about this album. The songwriting, Sparkys vocal, the guitartone and the red light district postmodern Jack The Ripper lyrical theme.

2- The Meteors: Hymns For The Hellbound
I like the newer Meteors albums the best. They are a bit darker than the early ones and the many layers of guitar makes the music much more interesting.

3- Nekromantix: Dead Girls Don't Cry
I'm a big fan of the Sandorff albums. The guitar tone, the dual vocal attack and the musical playfulnes. It's all good!

4- The Quakes: The Quakes/Last of The Human Beings
I pretty much like all albums from The Quakes. The debut is perfect for wrecking, while later albums like Last of The Human Beings have great songwriting and musicianship. I love the sound of Paul Romans voice.

5- Demented Scumcats: Splatter Baby
This album is kind of a mixed bag. Some songs are better than others. But the best ones a pure psychosoul garage genious: Splatter Baby, Hills On Fire, Snail Train...

6- Godless Wicked Creeps: Hellcoholic
The best GWC album. You Better Run is a true psycho anthem and beast of a song!

7- Reverend Horton Heat: Lucky 7
The Reverend is on fire on this one and the lyrics are great fun.

8- Sick Sick Sinners: We Are The Sick Sick Sinners
Brutal brazilian psycho. SSS proves that heavy riffs and guitar distortion goes hand in hand with double bass madness.

9- Hola Ghost: The Man They Couldn"t Hang
The first regular full lenght album from Sandorff post Nekromantix. And such a great one. Psychotic Flamencore in your face!

10- Batmobile: Batmobile
All tracks on this one are classics. Gotta love it.

Top 10 punk and metal albums:
Damn it's difficult to pick ten albums. There are so many great ones to choose from Danzig, Misfits, Mayhem and many more didn't even make it. Here we go:

1- DHG/Dødheimsgard: 666 International
This album is total insanity and pure genius. A mad trip of Norwegian industrial black metal. A revelation!

2- Iron Maiden: Powerslave
I'm a big Maiden fan and this one is my favourite. The twin guitars and the bass doing its own thing... It's just so great!

3- Mercyful Fate: Into The Unknown
Maybe the most influental danish band ever. All hail the king (King Diamond that is)!!!

4- Dead Kennedys: Plastic Surgery Disaster
Jello Biafra and Co. are fucking great on this one. When I heard it the first time, many years ago, I thought the production sucked, but now it sounds perfect!

5- Bad Brains: Attitude: The ROIR Sessions
Afro-American aggression. Hardcore punk perfection mixed with a bit of rub-a-dub so you can catch your breath. Phenomenal vocals and musicianship.

6- Black Sabbath: Paranoid
It all began with Black Sabbath...

7- Cradle of Filth: Cruelty And The Beast
This album is the sound of Iron Maiden on crack on a graveyard of angels. I love it!

8- Deep Purple: Burn
I grew up with this one. It's stil fantastic!

9- Solefald: World Metal: Kosmopolis Sud
Avantgarde metal, progrock, electronics and world music. A weird mix, but the result is amazing!

10- Plasmatics: Beyond The Valley of 1984/Maggots: The Record
The Plasmatics are awesome. One of the best punk/metal/crossover bands ever! Blowing up cars on stage, while going crazy with chainsaws. R.I.P. Wendy O. Williams.

Bjørn Bue Houman