domingo, 18 de janeiro de 2015

Psychobilly - Behind The Music (Early Days)

A very interesting documentary about the early years of that musical monster created in the late 70's, often poorly described as a mix of punk and rockabilly.

Although the shooting and the editing is not very dynamic, and you can regret the lack of archives footage, the interview are really well done and make you feel the excitement of these early days of a bunch of kids who wanted to push the boundaries of Rockabilly toward something new.

Interviewed witnesses are well chosen too. You have musicians from influential bands that all helped defined the genre in their own way : Nigel Lewis (Meteors), Alan Wilson (Sharks), Steve Whitehouse (Sharks and Frenzy), Chuck Harvey (Frantic Flintstones), Eric and Jeroen Haamer (Batmobile), Mark Harman (Restless), Mark Pennington (Caravans), Humungus (Coffin Nails) and some more.

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