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Viva Las Vegas!

Here are some of the acts appearing at VLV16:

THE BLUE CAPS with Graham Fenton
(a tribute to Gene Vincent)
Ray Collins’ HOT-CLUB – Germany

and visit Viva Las Vegas page for a complete listing of all bands and records hops at VLV16:


domingo, 14 de outubro de 2012

Batmobile - Biography and Releases:


Batmobile was founded 1983. After several months of covering Elvis Presley, Johnny Burnette and Gene Vincent, Jeroen Haamers (vocals/guitar), Johnny Zuidhof (drums) and Eric Haamers (double bass) decided to start to write their own material and all of a sudden people started to call the mental Dutch threesome 'psychobillies'.

In 1985 the first Batmobile album was released, which led to international recognition. For the first time a non-british band headlined all international psychobilly festivals.

The second half of the eighties and the first half of the nineties the band is touring through Germany, France, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and England. The band is headlining numerous times in the legendary KlubFoot in London.

The releases of the band are consistent in the concept of sounding different every time. The band hates to cover itself so the Batmo gents are always in search of new sounds within the rockabilly/psychobilly spectrum. This leads to the very first (and ever so often copied) metal-sounds within the scene on their 1988 realease Bail's Set...... but ofcourse also to the back to basics release Amazons from Outer Space (1989) and the massive concept mini-album Batmobile is Dynamite (1990). If ever there's a band ahead of things within rockabilly/psychobilly it's Batmobile.

In 1997 the band waves psychobilly goodbye and introduces their own brand of Rock n Roll B-music. Like in a B-film, B-music stand for B-musicians, bad (read: funny) jokes, horror, nakid women and having the time of your life. So theres not a big difference with decent psychobilly.

The second half of the nineties Batmobile does a lot of concerts in the Jukebox Tour in which the audience decides what the band should play. Their first concert in New York is being taped and released on film and will be the last concert before a 3 year break.

In 2001 the album titled A Tribute To Batmobile is released on a Japanese label. On the album all kinds of bands from all over the world play Batmobile songs. Batmobiles own contribution on the album is called Baby Go Back Home. In 2003 'A Tribute to Batmobile part 2' was released and the band recorded the song Deep Down for it.

In 2003 the band makes one live appearance in Germany which makes Batmobile decide to start doing more live performances again starting 2004. Since then they have been doing concerts in the Netherlands, Japan, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Brazil and the US/Hollywood.

Now the band just contributed a live version of Kiss Me Now on the Kaiser Records 'Soundtrack to Oblivion' and has recorded the old Warren Smith classic Ubangi Stomp for the Stray Cats Tribute record 'Go Cat Go' for Baseline Music.

1985 Batmobile - Kix 4 U
1987 Bambooland - Count Orlok
1988 Bails set at $ 6.000.000 - Nervous
1988 Buried alive Count Orlok
1989 Amazons from outer space - Count Orlok
1990 Batmobile is dynamite - Count Orlok
1991 Sex starved - Count Orlok
1991 Batmobile in Japan 1991 - Live video - Count Orlok
1992 Hard Hammer hits - Count Orlok
1992 CD single Midnight Maniac- Count Orlok
1993 Blast from the past, the worst and the best - Count Orlok
1993 CD single Shoot Shoot - Count Orlok
1995 Shake your pagodas, drop your kimonos, Batmobile strikes again - live video - Count Orlok
1997 Welcome to planet cheese - Count Orlok
2008 The Clarendon Ballroom Blitz, live at the KlubFoot 1986 - Anagram
2008 Cross Contamination (With PPS)- Suburban Records (BeNeLux) and People Like You

Various compilations:
Psycho attack over Europe 1 & 2
Stomping at the Klubfoot 3&4
Fistful of pussies
Rock n Horreur
DVD Stomping at the Klubfoot
2001 A Tribute to Batmobile (various artists) - Downer records
2004 A Tribute to Batmobile II (various artists) Downer records
2005 AMP-Magazine vol 5: Psychobilly
2006 Go Cat Go ; A Tribute to the Stray Cats
2006 Soundtrack to Oblivion - Kaiser Records

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Guana Batz - "Nightwath"

- Nightwatch

Well there's a house on the corner, looks really bad
The people who live their, they is all mad
They're yelling at the windows when no ones around, and all eat carrots and spit on the ground

You wouldn't believe the things that i see's
On the nightwatch

Well you crushed on my baby, looking at the sky
All the things i see, they make me wonder why
The things i do, the things i say
Well the people i know i wish they would fade away

You wouldn't believe the things that i see's
On the nightwatch

Well you maybe walking, on your way home
You get a feeling, your not alone
You can't feel a noise, you can't see a thing
Well i'm watching you with an evil grin.

You wouldn't believe the things that i see's
On the nightwatch
Oh no, you wouldn't believe the things that i see's
On the nightwatch
Well, you wouldn't believe the things that i see's
On the nightwatch

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Torment - "Time To Think"

Time To Think

Why do you keep on chasing me?
Why won’t you let me alone?
Stumbling in from peak to peak
Your feelings have been sown

Oh well I just need time to work things out
I just need time to think
Now I know I’m out of control
Won’t you give me another drink?
I just need time to work things out
I just need time to think
Don’t you let me sink?

What the hell gives you the right to look at me that way?
What makes you so perfect?
There’s nothing left to say

Oh well I just need time to work things out
I just need time to think
Now I know I’m out of control
Won’t you give me another drink?
I just need time to work things out
I just need time to think
Don’t you let me sink?

Why do you keep on chasing me?
Why won’t you let me alone?
Stumbling in from peak to peak
Your feelings have been sown

Oh well I just need time to work things out
I just need time to think
Now I know I’m out of control
Won’t you give me another drink?
I just need time to work things out
I just need time to think
Don’t you let me sink?


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The Meteors - Doing The Lord's Work

Doing The Lord's Work
CD; 2LP Gatefold; Digital Download

1. My Psychobilly Syndrome (WWWC Bloody Pit Of Horror Mix)
2. It's A Long Way Down
3. My Life For Thee
4. She Screams Out My Name
5. The Man In The Cunt Skin Mask
6. The Last Temptation (Was You)
7. Paranoid
8. Strange Times Are Coming
9. The Shredder
10. Girl Meat Fever
11. Drag You Down To Hell
12. Ain't No Turning Back
13. Don't Blame Me
14. The Day The Earth Dripp'd Blood
15. Hell Must Be Empty (All The Demons Are Here)
16. Fuck Your World

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The Quakes: European Tour 2012

PLANET OBSCURE European Tour 2012

Sept 28-Copenhagen/Denmark-KB 18
Sept 29-Gothenburg/Sweden-Henriksberg
Sept 30-Moss/Norway-Queens Pub
Oct 2-Helsinki/Finland-Lepakkomies
Oct 3-Turku//Finland-Street Bar 95
Oct 4-Hameenlinna/Finland-Suistoklubi
Oct 5-Pori/Finland-Bar Kino
Oct 6-Bremen/Germany -3rd Psychobilly Earthquake Festival
Oct 7-Frankfurt(main)/Germany-Dreikonigskeller
Oct 11-Bresso(Milan)/Italy-Blue Rose Saloon
Oct 12-Töging/Germany-Silo 1
Oct 13-Tannheim Egelsee/Germany-Schwarzer Adler
Oct 14-Dijon/France-Deep Inside
Oct 15-Clermont-Ferrand/France-Le Baraka
Oct 16-Madrid/Spain-Gruta 77
Oct 17-Barcelona/Spain-Sala Rocksound Bar
Oct 18-Montpellier/France-Secret Place
Oct 19-Solothurn/Switzerland-Kofmehl
Oct 20 -Winterhur/Switzerland-Gaswerk
Oct 21-Strassbourg/France-Mudd Club
Oct 24-Bristol/England-Exchange
Oct 25-London /England-Underworld
Oct 26-Hamburg/Germany-Hafenklang
Oct 27-Berlin/Germany-Wild At Heart
Oct 29-Prague/Czech Republic -007
Oct 30-Dresden/Germany-Chemiefabrik
Oct 31-Stuttgart/Germany-Zwolfzehn
Nov 1 -Leiden/Holland-L.V.C.
Nov 2-Kassel/Germany- K 19
Nov 3-Onsnabruk/Germany-Rock N Roll Hell Festival

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Rockabilly Boogie/Especial '80,dia 28:

The Meteors - New album!

The Meteors - New album "Doing The Lord's Work" out October 8th - People Like You Rec. The kings of pyschobilly are back with their new studio album "Doing The Lord's Work"! "Doing The Lord's Work" contains 16 brand new songs and it is coming in a more various way of Rock'n'roll, Surf and Psychobilly. Get it as CD, Gatefold 2LP or as strictly limited Gatefold 2LP with red vinyl.

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Paul Roman - The Quakes:

Movie: Sling blade
Actor: no favorite
Actress: no favorite
Food: meat
TV Series: Leave it to Beaver
Cartoon: Bugs Bunny
Religion: Private
Politics: Private
Marshall or Fender? Fender
Sport: Ice Hockey
Car: Kubelwagen
Guitar: Gretsch
Best country in which he played outside the USA? Japan
Cd or vinyl: Vinyl
Best song of the Stray Cats:Runaway Boys
Best of the '80s pop/rock/new wave group: Adam Ant
Paul Burlison or Cliff Gallup?: Cliff Gallup- Paul Bulison did not play on those Johnny Burnette records- it was Grady Martin
What are you listening now?: XUXA
Country that would like to play one day: Iceland
Book:no particular favorite, Im a voracious reader when its a subject Im interested in such as history, music,outdoor/nature,politics non fiction- there was a real good one I just read called "Rock around the clock" the record that started the rock revolution by Jim Dawson- its all about Bill Haley early days.

sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2012

The Quakes - "Planet Obscure"

E o Paul Roman continua brilhante e genial,como sempre! Em seu novo trabalho, o padrão de qualidade do Quakes continua mais forte do que nunca. No álbum anterior, o excelente "Negative Charge", a banda chegou em um ponto alto de sua carreira com um trabalho primoroso, um disco que ganhou somente elogios da mídia especializada em todo o mundo.

"Planet Obscure", o novo álbum, tudo continua se mantendo em alto nível, onde o Quakes consegue dosar com muito sucesso todas as influências da banda como o rockabilly,psycho,new wave ou pop. A melodia, que é sua marca registrada, segue presente em todas as canções, que ficam "grudadas" logo de cara quando você escuta, e se tornam novos "hits" e clássicos imediatos para os fãs da banda!

Não espere nada como o primeiro disco,canções rápidas e furiosas. Isso é coisa do passado,bem distante. Nem letras "psycho", falando de tópicos tão "originais" no estilo como zumbis,filmes-b ou monstros, nada disso. Paul Roman segue ainda como o mais original escritor no estilo, preferindo abordar temas mais realistas ou diretos em suas letras, fugindo totalmente dos clichês abordados pelos grupos rockabilly/psycho em sua maioria. É difícil destacar canções em um disco tão bom! Mas mesmo assim fico com "Dark Shadows","Promisse","Streets Are So Lonely" ( fantástica!) e "This Night" como minhas favoritas no momento.

Um ponto curioso no disco para os brasileiros é uma versão um tanto inusitada para uma música da Xuxa (!) chamada "Festa do Estica e Puxa"!! A gravação é de primeira,e foi produzido pelo Paul Roman - ele também gravou as linhas de baixo em todo o disco - e o formato é digipack,com todas as letras e demais informações no encarte. Você pode também comprar o "Planet Obscure"" diretamente com a banda: www.thequakes.com

quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2012

The Quakes: disco novo!

Dia 10 de maio chega as ruas o novo álbum dos Quakes ! O título do play é "Planet Obscure" e, como os discos anteriores, vai ser lançado pelo selo da banda Orrexx Records. A versão em cd vai ter um bônus e formato digipack. Fora isso, a banda vai planejando a tour pela Europa, com novas datas entre junho/outubro já confirmadas,e também o lançamento de um vídeo ( com imagens da banda no Brasil, em sua passagem pelo país em 2010 ) e um possível show aqui no segundo semestre.

quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2012

Voodoo Stompers na festa "Rockabilly Boogie", 09 de março!

Dia 09 de março vai rolar a tradicional festa “Rockabilly Boogie”, no Inferno Club !

No palco, o trio Psychobilly paulistano Voodoo Stompers, tocando o lado mais clássico do estilo, e fortemente influenciado por grandes nomes do gênero como The Meteors, Guana Batz, Quakes, Batmobile e outros !

No som, os Dj’s Márcio ( Rockabilly Boogie ) e Niki Nixon ( S.A.R ) tocando muito Rockabilly/Neo, Psychobilly, Garage ‘60, Surf-Music e Rock’n’Roll !!

No telão, vídeos dos Stray Cats, Johnny Cash, Cramps, Meteors, Eddie Cochran, Rev.Horton Heat...

Dia: 09 de março

Horário: 00:00

Preços: M/H com nome na lista $15. E na porta $20.

Mulher é VIP até 1h com nome na lista !!!

Lista: lista@inferno.com.br