quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2016

The Test Pilots


The Test Pilots is a rockin' trio from Gothenburg, Sweden. With a fascination of the 80's Psychobilly and Neo-Rockabilly.

The Test Pilots are striving to combine their influences from different musical genres within the feeling of an nervous beat, far beyond hell.

After drinking rocket fuel and with their parachutes near at hand, these maniacs aren't afraid of crash landing.

Come see for your self!

Matt - bass, vocals
Tony - guitar
Pat - drums


domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2016

Questions & Answers: Thomas ''Dax Dragster'' Mejer

Thomas ''Dax Dragster'' Mejer from the Godless Wicked Creeps, Bull'It, Johnny Nightmare & Hopeless Chicken Freaks !!!

Fave sport: I used to watch a lot of soccer in between Bull’it and Johnny Nightmare but had no time for it in the J.N days and kinda lost interest. Formula 1 and speedway.

Food: Steak potatoes peppersauce and salad.

Beer: The bitter end by oerbaek brewery Denmark (ipa)

Movie: ''Rio Bravo'' ha ha ha.

TV show: None

Book: None.Never read.

Super hero & villain (comic book): Batman and the Joker.

First record you bought: Howard Jones ''Humans Lib'' (I was 12)

First show you watched: Shaking Stevens when I was 7 years old with my dad.

His first band: New Life. Depeche Mode cover band.

Your first instrument: Keyboard,synth.

Favorite song of the Godless Wicked Creeps: You Better Run.

Favorite song of the Johnny Nightmare: Voodoo Hatetribe.

Fave country & city to play: Germany. No specific city but best show with Johnny Nightmare was in Jena and best Godless W.C was Berlin.

Fave country & city for holidays with family: A new place every time.

Biggest audience who has ever played: 2500.

Prefers big festival or small clubs: Clubs.

A song that you would still like to record from another band: ''Gambling Fool'' by swedish the Cremators.

Your fave guitar player: Butch from Johnny Nightmare

Your fave bass player: Nekroman

Your fave singer: Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode)

Top 5 fave psychobilly bands:
The Quakes
Demented Are Go
Bullet Biters

Top 5 non psycho bands:
The Smiths
Depeche Mode
Social Distortion

Which record or band you most listened in the last days: First album by Banane MetalliK '' Requiem De La Dépravation''.

The best band today in the Danish rock scene: Volbeat

Best song fom the Misfits: ''I turned Into a Martian''

Best Nekromantix record & line-up: Curse of the Coffin. First lineup.

Best psychobilly song that describes the scene: ''Moonlight Shadows'' by Mad Sin. It has the rockabilly atmosphere but yet fast and wild. Not punk in any way. Real minimalistic sound. Simple drums. Psychotic guitarsolos. Based on rockabilly fifties basic chords and great vox by Koefte. It has the right feel. My favourite song though is ''You're dead'' by the Quakes but that's a bit more punk so I guess Moonlight Shadows describe it better.

Maybe a new band or projet someday: New band? In reality Hopeless Chicken Fraks are still running so let's see...