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The Meteors - Dates 2014

19.07. Gdansk – Cropp Tattoo Konwent (Poland)
20.07. London – Underworld (Great Britain)
31.07. Moravska Trebova – Pod Parou (Czech Republic)
30.08. Hannover – Bei Chez Heinz (Germany)
31.08. Niedergörsdorf – Spirit Festival (Germany)
01.08. Wien – Szene (Austria)
12.09. Berlin – Lido (Germany)
13.09. Leipzig – Kulturzentrum E35 e.V. (Germany)
02.10. Köln – MTC (Germany)
03.10. Karlsruhe – Alter Hackerei (Germany)
24.10. St. Petersburg – Klub Zal Ozhidaniya (Russia)
25.10. Moskau – Klub Volta (Russia)
30.10. Luzern – Sedel (Switzerland)
31.10. Romans Sur Isere – Cité de la Musique (France)
01.11. Montpellier – Stomping at Secret Place (France)
02.11. Angouleme – La Nef (France)
03.11. Nantes – Les Ferraileur (France)
05.12. Altenmark a.d. Alz – Libella (Germany)
06.12. Essen – Turock (Germany)

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Simon Brand ( Frenzy and Torment ) - Story

Simon Brand’s life and death is arguably one of the most tragic stories of Psychobilly. He was not only a very sublime guitarist, singer and (co)-founder of two of the genre’s most successful and most unique outfits but also one of the most gifted and creative song-writers of the genre. But he also was always dogged by self-doubts, mental unbalance and his fatal relationship with his wife Wendy and so he decided to take his own life before his 30th birthday.

Simon Brand was born in Bristol on the 2nd January 1965. His original family on his father´s side came from Ireland and the surname was Brando, but the family decided to change it to Brand, to sound more English. His parents were and still are very religious and belong to the denomination of the Christadelphians, which was formed in the United Kingdom and Northern America in the 19th century.

That’s how Simon was raised. The Brands lived in a huge house in Kingswood, about ten miles away from Bristol city . The teenager was very interested in what is now best known as the British Rockabilly revival, but also liked the Punk Rock.

After the Sharks split, Steve Whitehouse (b, d, v) booked a local record studio and he and Simon Brand (g, v ) recorded two demo tracks under the name Hellfire. The songs were a cover version of Glen Glenn’s Everybody’s Movin´ and a Simon Brand song entitled Cry Or Die. Merv Pepler –who was also with Steve Whitehouse in the Shakin´Quiffs-joined the duo on drums and the three chose the new band name Frenzy.

The trio started to rehearse and recorded another demo track, so-called Robot Riot. Their first live performance was at The Juke Joint in Eindhoven, Holland, in December 1983, where the band also was offered a record deal by Klaas Westerbeek. The 7´´ vinyl EP, released by Westerbeek´s new Cat Machine Records included three tracks (Robot Riot, Sweet Money and Frustration).

Roy Williams of Nervous Records get hold of the platter and told Steve it was “ the best rockin´ track he had ever heard”. He also signed the trio for their debut album Hall Of Mirrors and for a four track 12´´ EP (Robot Riot, All Alone, Cry Or Die, Torment) in 1984. But it turned out that Simon Brand and Steve Whitehouse were having differences of opinion during the year and Simon was asked- after several discussions- to leave the band., even though the album wasn’t finished. Kevin Saunders replaced him for the remaining songs of the album.

After some months of musical inactivity Simon Brand met Kevin Haynes at a gig of Kevin’s band The Joint Jumpers in 1985 and the two fellows made a plan about new rockin´ band. They asked Sean Holder- who was also with the Joint Jumpers- to fill in for the vacant spot at the doghouse bass. The only thing left to find was a band name, which was finally found on the flip side of the classic 12´´ EP release of Robot Riot , a recording from Simon Brand’s days with Frenzy: TORMENT.

The trio started to rehearse in Sean Holder’s garage. They also hired a manager in Nutty Dave, who finally organised two gigs for the band in Brighton on the 23rd December and another gig in Bristol on Christmas eve.

Simon Crowfoot, an old mate from Simon Brand, took over the double bass in early 1986. Torment made its record debut with a two track appearance (My Dream / The Source) on the compilation album Zorch Factor- One, released by Nervous Records in spring of the same year and the band started to thrive. Their debut album Psyclops Carnival and the 12´´ EP Mystery Men were also released in 1986 and the band also appeared on the Stomping At The Klub Foot compilation album series.

The band was booked for touring on European mainland in early 1987 and Torment also recorded their second full length album Three’s a Crowd by end of the year. The album, which was produced by Frenzy co-founder Steve Whitehouse, hit the UK Independent Chart in December.

The band was in great demand and appeared at several big festivals on the continent and frequently gigged at London's famous mecca of Psychobilly the Klub Foot. Some more tracks for compilation albums followed and their third album Round The World was released in 1989. Hypnosis – Torment’s fourth and final album- hit the record shops in 1990 and was produced by Pete Gage. Simon Brand decided to do some solo work and recorded a track about his break-up relationship with his wife Wendy. The song Broken Home was released on Zorch Factor 3 and he experimented drum computer on this track. Torment appeared on that album too with their version of the Big Band classic Route 66. After a gig in Amsterdam Simon Crowfoot decided to stay in the Netherlands. With the rest of the band located in the UK, Simon Brand and Kevin Haynes finally made the decision to replace him with Vince Mildren and the new formed trio started to gig again, including another tour on the continent in 1992.

Simon Brand left the United Kingdom in 1993 and went to Amsterdam (NL), where he find a home for a while. He was hoping to forget about the breakdown of his marriage with Wendy and he also left his two children in England. Then he moved to Vermont, USA looking for work and tackle his mental problems. The following year he made the decision to relocate back to Britain and tried to rekindle his relationship with his ex-wife Wendy, but it didn’t work out. He was totally down and his parents admitted him to a hospital whilst suffering another depression. He never left this place again and was found hanging from a tree in the grounds of the hospital.

Original text by: Old School Psychobilly - - Torment/Simon Brand Tribute

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Stomping at The Klub Foot

The Boogie Woogie Pinelands

A banda The Boogie Woogie Pinelands - iniciada no ano de 2012 na cidade de Curitiba - tem por objetivo apresentar, com exclusividade, um estilo Boggie Woogie instrumental clássico, misturado com músicas tradicionais latino-americana, bem como um repertório autoral inspirado nesses elementos.

O Boogie Woogie é um estilo tradicional norte-americano originado no séc. XIX com a mistura do Blues, Jazz e o princípio da Country Western (caipira americano).

Existem várias vertentes desse estilo musical, porém a banda The Boogie Woogie Pinelands segue a escola clássica do Boogie Woogie tradicional dos anos 1930, que tem os nomes de Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson, Oscar Peterson e Jerry Lee Lewis como grandes mestres.

The Boogie Woogie Pinelands é:

Mr. Gomes - Vocal;
Joe Ferriday - Piano;
Mark Cleverson - Guitarra Elétrica;
Daniel Domenichelli - Baixo Elétrico;
Juliano Cocktail - Bateria

Informações de contato
Telefone: 41-99676701

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Brian Setzer - "Rockabilly Riot! All Originalls" - New album on 12th August!!

On August 12th, Surfog records. Here’s the tracklisting:

Let’s Shake
Rockabilly Blues
Vinyl Records
Lemme Slide
Nothing Is A Sure Thing
What’s Her Name
Calamity Jane
The Girl With The Blues In Her Eyes
Stiletto Cool
I Should Have Had A V8
Blue Lights Big City
Cock-a-Doodle Don’t

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Psychobilly - Behind The Music (Early Days)

"Have you ever wished that you could listen to all your favorite Psychobilly artists reminiscing about the early days of the Psycho scene?

Do you wish you could hear about those behind-the-scenes stories and adventures? Well now you can! This highly entertaining DVD contains new and exclusive interviews with many of the scene's biggest and most influential names, including: Nigel Lewis (ex Meteors), Chuck Harvey (Frantic Flintstones), Alan Wilson (The Sharks), Mark Harman (Restless), Steve Whitehouse (Frenzy), Humungus (Coffin Nails), Eric & Jeroen Haamers (Batmobile) and many, many more!

As if all this excitement wasn't enough, we have also included some never released promo videos and live footage by bands such as The Coffin Nails, Frenzy, The Sharks and Chuck & the Hulas.

This behind-the-scenes look at the Psychobilly genre features interview material with Nigel Lewis, Chuck Harvey, Mark Harman, Alan Wilson, and more. PSYCHOBILLY: BEHIND THE MUSIC is packed with promo videos, personal anecdotes, and live footage featuring the bands the Sharks, Frenzy, and the Coffin Nails... " Crerry Red 2006/2007

Danny Dean

Danny Dean (Danny Dean Phillips, Danny Phillips) is an American musician, singer- songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. He is best known as the lead vocalist, principal songwriter, and guitarist of the hardcore punk band Anti and DIY punk label New Underground Records, which Danny Dean co-founded with the late Gary Kail at the height of South Bay California's hardcore punk scene in the late 1970's.

He is also a guitarist and bass guitarist for the avant-garde band Mood of Defiance pioneering the 2nd generation of punk. Danny Dean achieved commercial success at the golden age of MTV with a plethora of music videos and nationwide radio rotation to the likes of California's KROQ and 91X, with his post-punk band Easter, notorious for lineup changes that regularly featured Mike Ness early Social Distortion and a late Brent Liles early Social Distortion and post-Easter Agent Orange fame.

He is eminent for instigating Neo-Rockabilly with his band Danny Dean and the Homewreckers and his modern 80's twist on vintage rock and roll throughout the Pre-Nascent Rockabilly Revival and the Neo-Swing Revival, opening up for and touring with established acts like The Specials, English Beat, Big Bad Voodo Daddy, Lee Rocker of the Stray Cats, a Flock of Seagulls, Missing Persons, Berlin, Dramarama, the Blasters, Reverend Horton Heat, Real Life, and the General Public to name a few.

But even in those earlier years, Dean received plenty of exposure to the ’70s and ' 80s roots revival through James Intveld, Jimmy & The Mustangs, Levi Dexter, and The Orangutangs. “I was really impressed with the rockabilly scene. Everyone dressed so damn good. It was all about Americana: music, clothing and cars.” According to Dean, “Early punk had a definite rockabilly influence. It borrowed heavily from rockabilly’s rebellious attitude and music. Just listen to the Sex Pistol’s covers of Cochran and Berry tunes. In fact, everything I have ever played has had a rockabilly undertone, but now I’ve decided to get back to my roots proper.”

Currently Danny Dean is involved in many band projects between touring with some pretty big acts he has also opened a chain of analog recording studios from New York to California.

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The Sharks

The Sharks were formed in the late 1970's by guitarist Alan Wilson and were initially a 50's style Rockabilly band. A line up change in 1982 brought in Steve Whitehouse on slap bass and Paul 'Hodge' Hodges on drums. Within 2 weeks the trio had not only written and recorded their first album,but had also signed to Nervous records - a new label that was spearheading the Neo-Rockabilly movement.

Their first release was titled Phantom Rockers (1983) - an album that even now still sells well. This album has been licensed to several other companies and released in many formats including coloured vinyl and CD. Within a few months of the release the band split after a trip to Holland where they were recorded live by KRO radio. Some of these tracks were subsequently released on the Nervous LP First and Last Live.

It would be 10 years before the Sharks would emerge again. Steve went on to form Frenzy whilst Alan set about a career in sound engineering and producing. These days he runs Western Star, his own recording studio.

In 1993 Alan was producing an album for The Frantic Flintstones when bass player Gary Day suggested that the Sharks would be well received should they ever reform. So, the Sharks started recording - using Gary on bass - and were snapped up by Cherry Red records who released the Sharks comeback CD on their Anagram label. Recreational Killer received critical acclaim and before long the Sharks were touring again, busier that ever and headlining festivals all over Europe and Scandinavia.

In 1995, due to touring and recording commitments with Morrissey, Gary was replaced by original bassist Steve Whitehouse, but not before the coloured vinyl 12" EP Bitch Attack was released by Vinyl Japan as well as a CD of demo recordings called Ruff Stuff was released by Rockhouse records. Alan and Hodge later worked with Gary Day on his solo project The Gazmen - which was released as a 12" EP on Vinyl Japan. The tracks also featured Morrissey's guitarist Alain Whyte and has recently surfaced as a CD on Rock It records of Hollywood.

Now that Steve was back, the Sharks again toured extensively, this time billed as the original line up. Anagram released the album Colour My Flesh and Fury records put out a 7" EP called Sir Psycho. There were other re-issues and odd releases along the way including picture discs and many, many compilation appearances.

Hodge was replaced on drums by Ben Cooper (ex Restless) in 1996 who was in turn replaced by Carl Parry (ex Frenzy guitarist) a few years later.

The Sharks decided to quite live performances in 2000, when Alan opted to concentrate to establishing and running his now successful studio and label Western Star (make this a link to But demand for the Sharks just didn't go away. Step 1 records released The Ultimate Collection in 2010 which sold well and Alan & Steve frequently cropped up on the odd Western Star compilation together as The Sharks.

Then towards the end of 2010 Alan asked Hodge (who was by now living in Spain) to fly over to the UK to guest on a few tracks he had written. Steve then played bass on the songs and before he knew it, Alan had some brand new Sharks recordings. A 7 inch vinyl EP was released on Western Star which sold out it's first pressing in a month! Finally after 18 months, a brand new Sharks studio album was released, the first in 15 years or more. "Infamy" exceeded everyone's high expectations and sold fast, attracting glowing reviews. This led to the almost unthinkable happening.... In April 2012 The Sharks played live, the first show in over 12 years. The band headlined the massive Satanic Stomp festival in Germany, and went down a storm. Since this 'one off' show the band have been swamped with requests to play all over the world - everywhere from Russia to South America, but there is probably only one more date that the band will accept and that is a big show in LA in Oct 2012. So watch this space.....

*Curitiba - Brasil - Psycho Carnival 2014*

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The Limit Club - When You Burn (You're Gonna Scream) + Biography

Full of charm, edge and talent come The Limit Club, hailing from Phoenix, AZ. Blending elements of psychobilly, punk rock and darkwave, their slick style ranges from catchy, tight passages to haunting, lingering croons.

A staple of the Phoenix music scene, their touring has led them through multiple West Coast tours, a U.S. cross-country tour in 2011 and European tour in fall 2013. With three full-length independent records under their belt, including 2011's This Is Cutthroat Business, they've built a solid following from fans and critics alike.

Formed in 2005, the band has developed their strongest lineup yet with Nick Feratu (lead vocals, guitar), NickDave (upright bass, vocals), Juan Carlos (vocals, drums) and Monty O'Blivion (guitar, vocals). Together, they've melded numerous influences together into their own sizzling-hot style.

Recently they have been working on an EP titled “Wild Four” which will be released in 2014 on vinyl and digital download.