segunda-feira, 23 de junho de 2014

Psychobilly - Behind The Music (Early Days)

"Have you ever wished that you could listen to all your favorite Psychobilly artists reminiscing about the early days of the Psycho scene?

Do you wish you could hear about those behind-the-scenes stories and adventures? Well now you can! This highly entertaining DVD contains new and exclusive interviews with many of the scene's biggest and most influential names, including: Nigel Lewis (ex Meteors), Chuck Harvey (Frantic Flintstones), Alan Wilson (The Sharks), Mark Harman (Restless), Steve Whitehouse (Frenzy), Humungus (Coffin Nails), Eric & Jeroen Haamers (Batmobile) and many, many more!

As if all this excitement wasn't enough, we have also included some never released promo videos and live footage by bands such as The Coffin Nails, Frenzy, The Sharks and Chuck & the Hulas.

This behind-the-scenes look at the Psychobilly genre features interview material with Nigel Lewis, Chuck Harvey, Mark Harman, Alan Wilson, and more. PSYCHOBILLY: BEHIND THE MUSIC is packed with promo videos, personal anecdotes, and live footage featuring the bands the Sharks, Frenzy, and the Coffin Nails... " Crerry Red 2006/2007

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