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The Writhers - New Release!


“In One Gulp” is a ghastly new release from SoCal’s mixed-up horrorpunks, The Writhers. Six soul-shaking tracks about dead lovers, stalking terrors, UFOs, brutal depression, and the horrors of the unknown!

Pre-orders available until August. Get the CD, poster, and pin with an extra sticker and button for only $30 rather than $41! Special $30 deal ends July 10th! “In One Gulp” drops late August!

domingo, 19 de janeiro de 2020

The Wrecking Pit - Store

Psychobilly Clothing brand, The Wrecking Pit offers original printed designs on men & womens clothing: Hoodies, Polo Shirts, T Shirts, Vests, Caps, Baseball Tops.




Diablo Records (UK)

Diablo Records

Hey all, we have always done most of our sales through Bandcamp but we have now opened a new online Shopify store for convivence. During the new few weeks you will be able to purchase shirts, cd’s & vinyl. We have some new designs coming soon so please check back regular.






domingo, 18 de agosto de 2019

Gutter Demons

Since their unholy birth in 2001, Gutter Demons have been tearing up the scene across Canada, USA and Europe with their intense stage shows, raucous rock n' roll music, red-blooded Rockabilly roots, Punk and Heavy Metal potency and downright dirty musicianship.

Gutter Demons are, without a doubt, among the pioneers of the Canadian Psychobilly scene. This Montreal-based three-piece has been burning up stages and melting faces around the globe for nearly two decades with their infectious brand of high octane psycho rock n' roll. The band has paved the way for other great acts like The Creepshow, The Brains and Raygun Cowboys to create a strong, loyal and vibrant community across the country.

They’ve shared the stage with The Misfits, Rancid, The Reverend Horton Heat, UK Subs, Vibrators, Leftover Crack, Nashville Pussy (among many others). They’ve appeared on international festivals like Psychobilly Meeting (Barcelona), Wreckers Ball (LA), Drop Dead Fest (NYC), Bedlam Fest (UK) and have appeared on countless compilations, seven inches, video game soundtracks and splits.

Now Gutter Demons are blasting back on the scene with their fifth and arguably best album to date. No God, No Ghost, No Saints is eleven tracks of ultra high-caliber, balls-to-the-wall, punked up psycho rock n’ roll. From the blazing opening track to the epic closing medley, the album takes the listener on a hellacious joyride through the eerie underside of life, death and everything in between.

These hardworking road warriors take no prisoners. Each and every one of their songs are delivered with the raw spirit of rock n roll; combining a sexed up rockabilly strut with the unapologetic fist in the air and the manic mayhem of early metal. The Gutter Demons train is raging full steam ahead with North American tours lined up in fall 2018 and international tours to follow in 2019. No God, No Ghost, No Saints is your all-access ticket to the weirdly wild and undeniably dark world of the Gutter Demons.

quarta-feira, 4 de julho de 2018

The Deadbillys

The Deadbillys first saw the light of day at the beginning of 1999 with a unique genre of music that was all their very own; 'Voodoo Country !

A musical style that spanned from Johnny Cash to Merle Haggard, The Misfits to The Cramps.

Hailing from Santa Barbara in California they are a four piece band with a wide repertoire; at one extreme you could imagine yourself watching and indeed dancing to a typical country and western band or at the other end of the line just think about a hot Hillbilly band just down from the mountainside having a holler.

They disbanded in 2005, but are back and ready to kick some ass!


sábado, 28 de abril de 2018

The Meteors - Rockabilly Psychosis (1981)

I love myselves in arms before my tv set
Looking for a good program over and everytime again
A rock and roll record on the last dance end
Yeah, since I have it baby I think going crazy psychosis, psychosis

I got the rocka rocka rocka rockabilly psychosis
Rocka rocka rockabilly psychosis
Turn this manuals till my acke's are better
Rocka rocka rockabilly psychosis
Since I have it baby I think going crazy psychosis, psychosis

Well Then I went to see the doctor just to ask him what to do
He said there's not a single thing that I can do for you
You got the rocka rocka rocka rockabilly psychosis
Rocka rocka rockabilly psychosis
Since I have it baby I think I'm going crazy psychosis, psychosis
I got the rocka rocka rocka rockabilly psychosis
Rocka rocka rockabilly psychosis
Turn this manuals till my acke doesn't matter
Rocka rocka rockabilly psychosis
Since I have it baby I think going crazy psychosis, psychosis

quinta-feira, 15 de junho de 2017

Stompin’ Mad Bats

Early period:
Stompin' Mad Bats is a Psychobilly band from the faraway "Mad Planet of the Bats". They landed on planet Earth, in Italy, in 1989, thanks to Alex, a passioned guy who stepped into Psychobilly music across the Galaxy and started to play double bass near Modena, Italy. Soon, together with Paolo on vocals and Tino on drums they gave life to the band. in 1990, they enlisted Teo on guitar and in 1991 they recorded their first demotape including 4 songs. In 1992, Duo' joined the band as rhythm guitar and Stompin' Mad bats started to play more often across Italy, writing a good amount of songs and material that would have been included in their setlist. In the same period, the Stompin' Mad Bats organization, wanted by Alex, also bought to Italy a lot of bands as Batmobile, demented are Go, Klingonz, Long Tall Texans, Scum Rats, Peacocks, who helped on spreading the Psychobilly music across Italy. SMB also became friends with all those international bands and Demented Are Go suggested to the most known UK labels "Fury Records" and "Nervous Records" to give the guys a chance.

The LP and fab Period:
In Spring 1993, Stompin' Mad Bats went to a recording studio working on their debut album, after a positive agreement with the mentioned labels which also invited the band to play at the 6th Big Rumble in Great Yarmouth, UK. The festival, which included the Gotha of worldwide Psychobilly bands has been their debut in the international scene, they've been claimed as one of the real new interesting bands coming out from the fog. It was an unforgettable weekend, where the band threw a 3 days non-stop party in their caravan where all bands and people regularly joined the party and gave their contribution to a new meaning of "endless party". In the same days, Dell Richardson and Roy Williams, chairmans of Fury/Nervous Records, signed the contract for Stompin' Mad Bats debut Album, that in the meantime was completed and 2 songs: "Angry Noises" (included in the "Rumble Party Vol 2" album, Fury/Nervous records, 1993) and "The Taste of Sin" (lately included in "the Best of Fury Psychobilly" CD Compilation, Fury records 1998) started to invade the psychobilly scene all across the world, rising numerous approvals from people from Japan to United States. In 1994, the band splitted up due to some internal problems.

The Present:
But... the album was ready and never been released. So... 24 years later, Alex decided that it has to be released. That's why he get in touch again with Paolo, Duo' and Teo and they started to work on the final and official release. They contacted Fabio, the sound engineer who recorded their album in 1993, and they mastered the original tracks. An now... 24 Years later... "Angry Noises" is finally out. Come and join the "mad sound" that made Stompin' Mad Bats album one of the most awaited releases, claimed in decades by people from all around the world!

Infos: http://www.stompinmadbats.com

The Astro Zombies


Started in 1996, the French psychobilly band, Astro Zombies, crawled out of the vineyards of the Burgundy area to conquer the r’n’r scene.
They started out as an opening band but soon developed a name for themselves. Playing gigs with big bands like The Meteors, GuanaBatz, Misfits, only to name a few, and playing big European Festivals, The Astro Zombies grew and the fans followed. They’ve toured through nearly all of Europe, from Spain to Finland, Sweden, USA, Russia, Mexico and Brazil.

Their first album, “The Astro Zombies are Coming” was recorded “In Heaven”, Paul P. Fenech (godfather of Psychobilly) recording studio.

The album was originally released in 1997 by Banana Juice label (France) and re-released in 2000 by popular demand, on Crazy Love Records. The album was a good mix of pure rock n’ roll and psychobilly which ultimately opened the doors to the psychobilly world.

From that meeting, between 2000 and 2002, Bobby (guitar/vocals) and Gaybeul (drums) will participate in Paul P. Fenech side project The 10th Key Screamers. They’ll play on two albums "screaming on the 10th key” and "fenechophobia" and will tour twice with him.

In 2000, The Astro Zombies recorded their second album, “Control your Minds” for the German label, Crazy Love Records.

After a couple years of solid touring, The Astro Zombies went back to the studio and recorded their third and heavier album, “Mutilate, Torture, and Kill” at the legendary Kaiser Studio.

This album was released in 2003 on the UK label, Raucous Records. In 2004, the line-up changed and the band welcomed the arrival of the new bass player, Fantomas, of the US band The Kings of Nuthin’ and formerly of Frantic Flintstones.

After the 2007 release of the much acclaimed live platter 'Burgundy Livers' out on Raucous Records, the band saw the departure of Gaybeul and the arrival of Markus on drums.

In 2008, the 1st EP & 1st album was re-released with extra tracks on Crazy Love Records and a best of : « Lo mejor de los Astro Zombies - exitos del espacio exterior » was released on the mexican label Bam Bam records.

Then the three-headed undead unleash their fourth studio album. 'Convince Or Confuse' delivers all the motley goods these international rockers thrive on, from old-time psychobilly to surfin' sleaze, greasy instrumentals, punked-up gems and a whole lot more sonic glory.

Among those standout tracks is 'Hey Gyp', featuring magnificent vocals of Sarah Blackwood from punkabilly prowlers The Creepshow, while a lethal rendition of the classic 'Bang Bang' will send Cher and Nancy Sinatra on a coffin shopping spree. 'Margarita' even puts a psycho spin on Spanish folk styles, enriched by gloomy string arrangements and accelerating fiddles.

'Convince Or Confuse' also marks the last Astro Zombies recordings of standup bass player extraordinaire Thomas Frenchy. His successor is none other than Long Tall Texans and Hotknives main man Mark Carew. More solid proof the Astro Zombies keep going from strength to strength.

Booking agent

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The Fireballs

Fireballs are recognised by many as Australia’s first and foremost psychobilly band, a reputation credited to their early beginnings and their present longevity. From inception the idea was tocapture a flavour that would recognise their original rockabilly roots and their love of playing hard ‘n’ fast. Heavily influenced by double bass driven international bands, such as The Stray Cats, Batmobile, Mad Sin and the Klingonz, Fireballs ambitiously aimed to carve out their own niche in a smaller Melbourne scene.

Eddie Fury, Joe Phantom and Matt Black, the original three members may have started by playing at rockabilly gigs – however they set themselves apart with a hybrid sound of metal and punk influenced by the local hardcore sounds that were emerging from Melbourne at the time - such as Depression, Radio Birdman and Beasts of Bourbon.

However, it is a large sound and production that has ultimately set Fireballs well apart from their rockabilly and psychobilly contemporaries as a talented and innovative band that aren’t afraid to
push the limits and who are competent in entertaining large audiences.

Fireballs have played at major festivals in Australia such as The Big Day Out, Falls Festival and The Meredith Music Festival. These festivals saw them playing with international outfits such as The Ramones, The Offspring, The Cult and Iggy Pop.

In 1997, the band played a three date tour with Kiss, a particular highlight for the band - where they realised their dream of supporting an international metal act. On the back of this success the went on to play with Motley Crue, Motorhead and perform at the Tokyo Big Rumble in Japan.

After an eight year hiatus, the band reformed with a new line up; Dylan Villain and Pete Speed replaced Matt Black and the band played at the Psychobilly Meeting in Spain. This has resulted in a new EP and a new album in the works.

Fireballs are now embarking on an east coast tour once again as well as charity performances that have raised money for fire victims in Victoria - their home state. They are continuing to push their unique hybrid sound to new and old audiences around the country and internationally.

Terminal Haircut (1992)
Life Takes Too Long (1995)
So Bad It's Good (1996)
Hellrider (2010)
Fall of the Damned (1993)
Fireballs (self titled 7" EP) (1997)
Singles and radio releases:
Don't Bother Me (1995)
So Bad It's Good (1996)
Voodoo (1996)

domingo, 30 de abril de 2017

The Living End - Psychobilly Meeting (Spain)

Psychobilly Meeting - Pineda de Mar (Spain) 2017

The 25th anniversary Line up of the PSYCHOBILLY MEETING is finally ready! As you can see, the schedule is very diverse and done with lots of love ,it is our hope that you like it as much as we do!

We have great memories from the early years of the festival; many of you will have the same feeling , and that’s what we wanted to remember. So we looked for some of the bands that were part of our beginning, we also had to have the great great classics too, as well as the top groups of today alongside young and new groups that has always been an important part of our festival.
This year will be one of many surprises , we are working hard on these and will let you know from time to time, but we are sure without a doubt that this festival, our 25th year, will be the best one yet. So dont think twice , put your swimsuits, and come to the beach this summer!

To get the festival started we are dedicating the preparty on Wednesday 5th of July to the United States of America. on stage we give REZUREX , KOFFIN´ KATS , GAMBLERS MARK and THE QUARANTEDS !! This special night is called “MAKE AMERICAN PSYCHO GREAT AGAIN”
If you need to book a hotel, we can help you, on our website you will find the list of hotels available, don't hesitate to send us any questions about accommodation!

And don´t forget to buy your tickets online in our official webpage. http://www.psychobillymeeting.com/tickets
You know you can´t miss this year, our 25th year.s It will go down as part of Psychobilly history and to live it, you have to be there in Pineda in July, so make up your mind and come to celebrate with your friends, with the bands and with us for our 25th Anniversary!!!

Poster Artwork by SOLRAC

domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2017

Top 10 Fave Records: Bjørn Bue Houmand (Johnny Nightmare/Rotter!)

Top 10 favourite records with danish musician Bjorn Bue Houman from psychobilly band Johnny Nightmare and hardcore punk band Rotter !!!

Top 10 psychobilly albums:
So here is my psycho list. As you'll see I'm a bit of a punkabilly

1- Dememted Are Go: Hellucifernation
I love everything about this album. The songwriting, Sparkys vocal, the guitartone and the red light district postmodern Jack The Ripper lyrical theme.

2- The Meteors: Hymns For The Hellbound
I like the newer Meteors albums the best. They are a bit darker than the early ones and the many layers of guitar makes the music much more interesting.

3- Nekromantix: Dead Girls Don't Cry
I'm a big fan of the Sandorff albums. The guitar tone, the dual vocal attack and the musical playfulnes. It's all good!

4- The Quakes: The Quakes/Last of The Human Beings
I pretty much like all albums from The Quakes. The debut is perfect for wrecking, while later albums like Last of The Human Beings have great songwriting and musicianship. I love the sound of Paul Romans voice.

5- Demented Scumcats: Splatter Baby
This album is kind of a mixed bag. Some songs are better than others. But the best ones a pure psychosoul garage genious: Splatter Baby, Hills On Fire, Snail Train...

6- Godless Wicked Creeps: Hellcoholic
The best GWC album. You Better Run is a true psycho anthem and beast of a song!

7- Reverend Horton Heat: Lucky 7
The Reverend is on fire on this one and the lyrics are great fun.

8- Sick Sick Sinners: We Are The Sick Sick Sinners
Brutal brazilian psycho. SSS proves that heavy riffs and guitar distortion goes hand in hand with double bass madness.

9- Hola Ghost: The Man They Couldn"t Hang
The first regular full lenght album from Sandorff post Nekromantix. And such a great one. Psychotic Flamencore in your face!

10- Batmobile: Batmobile
All tracks on this one are classics. Gotta love it.

Top 10 punk and metal albums:
Damn it's difficult to pick ten albums. There are so many great ones to choose from Danzig, Misfits, Mayhem and many more didn't even make it. Here we go:

1- DHG/Dødheimsgard: 666 International
This album is total insanity and pure genius. A mad trip of Norwegian industrial black metal. A revelation!

2- Iron Maiden: Powerslave
I'm a big Maiden fan and this one is my favourite. The twin guitars and the bass doing its own thing... It's just so great!

3- Mercyful Fate: Into The Unknown
Maybe the most influental danish band ever. All hail the king (King Diamond that is)!!!

4- Dead Kennedys: Plastic Surgery Disaster
Jello Biafra and Co. are fucking great on this one. When I heard it the first time, many years ago, I thought the production sucked, but now it sounds perfect!

5- Bad Brains: Attitude: The ROIR Sessions
Afro-American aggression. Hardcore punk perfection mixed with a bit of rub-a-dub so you can catch your breath. Phenomenal vocals and musicianship.

6- Black Sabbath: Paranoid
It all began with Black Sabbath...

7- Cradle of Filth: Cruelty And The Beast
This album is the sound of Iron Maiden on crack on a graveyard of angels. I love it!

8- Deep Purple: Burn
I grew up with this one. It's stil fantastic!

9- Solefald: World Metal: Kosmopolis Sud
Avantgarde metal, progrock, electronics and world music. A weird mix, but the result is amazing!

10- Plasmatics: Beyond The Valley of 1984/Maggots: The Record
The Plasmatics are awesome. One of the best punk/metal/crossover bands ever! Blowing up cars on stage, while going crazy with chainsaws. R.I.P. Wendy O. Williams.

Bjørn Bue Houman