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Stompin’ Mad Bats

Early period:
Stompin' Mad Bats is a Psychobilly band from the faraway "Mad Planet of the Bats". They landed on planet Earth, in Italy, in 1989, thanks to Alex, a passioned guy who stepped into Psychobilly music across the Galaxy and started to play double bass near Modena, Italy. Soon, together with Paolo on vocals and Tino on drums they gave life to the band. in 1990, they enlisted Teo on guitar and in 1991 they recorded their first demotape including 4 songs. In 1992, Duo' joined the band as rhythm guitar and Stompin' Mad bats started to play more often across Italy, writing a good amount of songs and material that would have been included in their setlist. In the same period, the Stompin' Mad Bats organization, wanted by Alex, also bought to Italy a lot of bands as Batmobile, demented are Go, Klingonz, Long Tall Texans, Scum Rats, Peacocks, who helped on spreading the Psychobilly music across Italy. SMB also became friends with all those international bands and Demented Are Go suggested to the most known UK labels "Fury Records" and "Nervous Records" to give the guys a chance.

The LP and fab Period:
In Spring 1993, Stompin' Mad Bats went to a recording studio working on their debut album, after a positive agreement with the mentioned labels which also invited the band to play at the 6th Big Rumble in Great Yarmouth, UK. The festival, which included the Gotha of worldwide Psychobilly bands has been their debut in the international scene, they've been claimed as one of the real new interesting bands coming out from the fog. It was an unforgettable weekend, where the band threw a 3 days non-stop party in their caravan where all bands and people regularly joined the party and gave their contribution to a new meaning of "endless party". In the same days, Dell Richardson and Roy Williams, chairmans of Fury/Nervous Records, signed the contract for Stompin' Mad Bats debut Album, that in the meantime was completed and 2 songs: "Angry Noises" (included in the "Rumble Party Vol 2" album, Fury/Nervous records, 1993) and "The Taste of Sin" (lately included in "the Best of Fury Psychobilly" CD Compilation, Fury records 1998) started to invade the psychobilly scene all across the world, rising numerous approvals from people from Japan to United States. In 1994, the band splitted up due to some internal problems.

The Present:
But... the album was ready and never been released. So... 24 years later, Alex decided that it has to be released. That's why he get in touch again with Paolo, Duo' and Teo and they started to work on the final and official release. They contacted Fabio, the sound engineer who recorded their album in 1993, and they mastered the original tracks. An now... 24 Years later... "Angry Noises" is finally out. Come and join the "mad sound" that made Stompin' Mad Bats album one of the most awaited releases, claimed in decades by people from all around the world!

Infos: http://www.stompinmadbats.com

The Astro Zombies


Started in 1996, the French psychobilly band, Astro Zombies, crawled out of the vineyards of the Burgundy area to conquer the r’n’r scene.
They started out as an opening band but soon developed a name for themselves. Playing gigs with big bands like The Meteors, GuanaBatz, Misfits, only to name a few, and playing big European Festivals, The Astro Zombies grew and the fans followed. They’ve toured through nearly all of Europe, from Spain to Finland, Sweden, USA, Russia, Mexico and Brazil.

Their first album, “The Astro Zombies are Coming” was recorded “In Heaven”, Paul P. Fenech (godfather of Psychobilly) recording studio.

The album was originally released in 1997 by Banana Juice label (France) and re-released in 2000 by popular demand, on Crazy Love Records. The album was a good mix of pure rock n’ roll and psychobilly which ultimately opened the doors to the psychobilly world.

From that meeting, between 2000 and 2002, Bobby (guitar/vocals) and Gaybeul (drums) will participate in Paul P. Fenech side project The 10th Key Screamers. They’ll play on two albums "screaming on the 10th key” and "fenechophobia" and will tour twice with him.

In 2000, The Astro Zombies recorded their second album, “Control your Minds” for the German label, Crazy Love Records.

After a couple years of solid touring, The Astro Zombies went back to the studio and recorded their third and heavier album, “Mutilate, Torture, and Kill” at the legendary Kaiser Studio.

This album was released in 2003 on the UK label, Raucous Records. In 2004, the line-up changed and the band welcomed the arrival of the new bass player, Fantomas, of the US band The Kings of Nuthin’ and formerly of Frantic Flintstones.

After the 2007 release of the much acclaimed live platter 'Burgundy Livers' out on Raucous Records, the band saw the departure of Gaybeul and the arrival of Markus on drums.

In 2008, the 1st EP & 1st album was re-released with extra tracks on Crazy Love Records and a best of : « Lo mejor de los Astro Zombies - exitos del espacio exterior » was released on the mexican label Bam Bam records.

Then the three-headed undead unleash their fourth studio album. 'Convince Or Confuse' delivers all the motley goods these international rockers thrive on, from old-time psychobilly to surfin' sleaze, greasy instrumentals, punked-up gems and a whole lot more sonic glory.

Among those standout tracks is 'Hey Gyp', featuring magnificent vocals of Sarah Blackwood from punkabilly prowlers The Creepshow, while a lethal rendition of the classic 'Bang Bang' will send Cher and Nancy Sinatra on a coffin shopping spree. 'Margarita' even puts a psycho spin on Spanish folk styles, enriched by gloomy string arrangements and accelerating fiddles.

'Convince Or Confuse' also marks the last Astro Zombies recordings of standup bass player extraordinaire Thomas Frenchy. His successor is none other than Long Tall Texans and Hotknives main man Mark Carew. More solid proof the Astro Zombies keep going from strength to strength.

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