domingo, 2 de setembro de 2012

Paul Roman - The Quakes:

Movie: Sling blade
Actor: no favorite
Actress: no favorite
Food: meat
TV Series: Leave it to Beaver
Cartoon: Bugs Bunny
Religion: Private
Politics: Private
Marshall or Fender? Fender
Sport: Ice Hockey
Car: Kubelwagen
Guitar: Gretsch
Best country in which he played outside the USA? Japan
Cd or vinyl: Vinyl
Best song of the Stray Cats:Runaway Boys
Best of the '80s pop/rock/new wave group: Adam Ant
Paul Burlison or Cliff Gallup?: Cliff Gallup- Paul Bulison did not play on those Johnny Burnette records- it was Grady Martin
What are you listening now?: XUXA
Country that would like to play one day: Iceland
Book:no particular favorite, Im a voracious reader when its a subject Im interested in such as history, music,outdoor/nature,politics non fiction- there was a real good one I just read called "Rock around the clock" the record that started the rock revolution by Jim Dawson- its all about Bill Haley early days.

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