domingo, 5 de junho de 2011

Asmodeus: "Let's Play A Game"

"Let's play a game"

He holds the cube tight in his hands
On the lonely hour in the highest room
He can't imagine how it will end
He holds the cube of ultimate doom

The cube moves slowly from form to form
He doesn't know where to begin
Till the center's pressed he'll be reborn
Engulfing himself in mortal sin

The wall start to tremble
They open up on hell
Four cenobites they enter
To give the pain he cannot tell

Now he knows the final trick
His loss becomes their gain
The cube it stops a final click
Come forth distributors of pain

He cannot speak his mouth is barred
Is it torture no not the same
They will tear your soul apart
He solved the puzzle let's play a game

You only got yourself to blame
There's no more time for you to buy
There's no way back let's play the game
Ripping flesh will make you cry

But now it's started the rites of blood
Your soul tormented in this ghastly hell
They cannot stop your angry flood
Want's to return again to dwell

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