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The Lucky Dados - Neo Rockabilly From Spain!

Lucky Dados was formed in 1997 by 3 musicians who were coming from different bands: Pedro Herrero guitar and vocals, Carlos Lopez, double-bass and backing vocals and Carlos Mirat on drums.

From the beginning his aim was to do a kind of music which mix rockabilly and punkrock with sounds as different as the country and the purest 40´s & 50´s Swing.

After some shows where covers had priority they started to play their originals and then decided to record them. They recorded a 2 tracks´ demo and then they began to look for a record label to release their debut album.

Finally they release their first album, STRUCK THE NERVE with REVEL YELL MUSIC, a japanese record label. This album is toured through different cities til they were suggested by the record comany to release a 4-track EP ("Missing revolution "), which will be like a bridge towards his following 12 song album.

In " Missing revolution " we can listen to harder sounds that will be growing to the arrival at the beginning of 2007 of his new one long duration " Crash .. em down ". After a long tour along Spain their contract with the Japanese label finish.

In 2010 they sign with Subterfuge Records and at the same time they begin a new adventure together with artist, Vinila Von Bismark that bring us a new Lucky Dados album featuring Vinila Von Bismark as lead singer: " The Secret Carnival ". This record was toured through the whole Spanish geography.

Subterfuge Records re-release for Spain his album Crash'em Down and after a brief period of time they decide to leave the above mentioned company and begin the composition of their forthcoming album.

At the beggining of 2014 they start a special tour to commemorate the 10th Anniverasary of their debut album: STRUCK THE NERVE and they decide to include 4 bonus tracks with their newest recordings.

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